Peg Animation

I just purchased Toon Boom and I need help on how to do peg animation.

How do I draw pegs in Toon Boom, and after I draw them, how do I save them and use them?

Please give easy step by step instructions.

Please have a look at these links:;action=display;threadid=2631


Pegs are not drawn. Pegs are containers for key framed parameters. You can add Peg elements to your project just like you can add any type of element. Also drawing and image elements already contain internal peg containers so you just need to add drawing elements or image elements most of the time. Elements are connected into relationships using pegs as connectors. As you can see pegs are complex tools used inside TBS for multiple purposes. I have tried to explore and explain many of the mysteries of Pegs and Key Framing in these articles: KEY FRAMED ANIMATION. Welcome to the forums and keep asking questions as that is a great way to get started learning Toon Boom. -JK


I have made pegs (out of character body parts , like in the the Der Der animation ) but I have one more question.

How do I assemble the pegs , where they can be put into motion?

You don’t make pegs out of body parts, you connect character parts into jointed hierarchies using pegs as the connectors.

Hierarchies are created by organizing the order and relationships of your elements in the time line track label list. Also, anytime you are working with pegs and connecting elements into hierarchies you must be viewing the character in camera view (which is also referred to as layout view or planning view). Pegs have no meaning in drawing view as they are element connectors and containers for keyframe parameters.

Motion in animation is created by incremental changes between sequential pictures. Each frame is a picture. To achieve the illusion of motion you pose the character in a frame and then slightly change that pose in the next frame and the next frame and the next frame until you create a sequence of incrementally changing poses. To make these incremental changes with a cut-out character you set keyframes by posing the character using the appropriate scene operations tool. Normally the scene operations transform tool (7). All posing and manipulation of a cut-out character is done while viewing the character in camera view. -JK

Thanks alot folks.

This really helped. :smiley: