Peg always at the center ?

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Just a small question please : Everytime I add a peg to a drawing, its position is always at the center of the “screen” and not the center of my drawing. Is it normal and what can I do to position it at the center of my drawing ?

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It really depends on the reason why you want to locate the peg pivot to the center of drawing since with the transform tool, you can temporary change the pivot without affecting the original peg’s pivot point but if you simply want to relocate the pivot point, you can use the rotate tool to move the pivot point permanently. Please keep in mind that you need to apply it to right pivot since there is a pivot point on peg as well as on drawing layer. Drawing layer also contains embeded peg.


In fac for example when I make a circle at the left of the scene, if I attach a peg, the peg is on the center of the screen. When I want to move it to make an animation like the circle left to right, I see the “road” or “trajectory” of the animation but it starts at the center of the screen (where is the peg) and not where my artwork is, so it’s little confusing when animating…

Please read this tutorial TBS Fundamentals The Basics Part 2

It clearly explains the relationships between Drawing View and Camera View. Once you understand those relationships pivot and peg centers will make perfect sense and it may also influence your workflow. -JK