Peg Alignment on Scans

If your imported artwork is scanned animation that needs to be registered to Acme peg holes, you might like to check out

“ScanFix” is the work of Duane Palyka and realigns batches of .tif Mac formatted drawings according to where the peg holes appear on the drawing, even reorienting drawings 90 degrees or more for you if neccessary and saving the scans as new tif files in a folder designated by you. It’s a Java program, works on Mac and PC, and can be used on different size scans/paper, so long as they have acme peg holes.

The program is small, quick, simple and free - if you follow the instructions closely, you can’t go wrong. I’ve found that TBS’s only shortcoming was the lack of a peghole registration feature.

I scan and save as many drawings as my scene requires using an action in Photoshop, run them through ScanFix and import the new tiffs into TBS for vectorisation, perfectly aligned, happy as Larry. It’s quicker than using a pegbar taped to the scanner, which can cause problems if it’s a thick one (like mine) that creates a gap between the scanner bed and paper.

Admittedly, I’ve only tested it for a few days, but it hasn’t failed me yet. If this sounds like it might smooth out your workflow, check out the link above or send Duane a nice complimentary email to request the download link:

It’s rocked my world.

Burton. ;D

Hi Maxima-

ScanFix has been made with traditional acme peg holes in mind, but I suggest you email Duane (his address is on my first post) to see if he can help you out with your office punched ones.

If getting a hold of an acme hole punch is an issue for you, there are places that offer pre punched reams of paper in different sizes:

I hope you find a solution! Happy animating!

Burton :smiley: