PDF "Help System" shows only 1 page

When selecting “Help” or F1 in Animate the “Help System” pdf opens in Preview, but it is only 1 page! When viewing the file in the Finder it says it is 46,2 MB in size. But by opening there is just 1 page…

Anybody having the same issue?

Install Adobe Reader (9.4.0)
In the Application folder open Toon Boom Animate 2 / Documentation…
Select Animate_Family_Help_System.pdf / choose Get Info (command I)…
Choose Adobe Reader.app from Open with:
Try F1 again…


Thanx Nolan
Weird thing though.
But the good news is: I can use it now.

Regards Peter

The reason is because it’s an embedded PDF - many smaller PDFs inside one larger PDF. Other PDF viewers are not able to show embedded PDFs at this time.