pdf export

hi all -

curious when i perform an export to pdf that i get a yellow full screen box image instead of the image i am exporting out… seems the text exports fine, but the image is replaced with the yellow box… i should point out that the image was originally imported via the ‘import and vectorize’ option without text, so it is not a native tb illustration - in tb, the text was added… (this process was done this way as the images were being used as part of an audio narration) … now i just need to export the images out with the new text affixed… thanks, dan

I believe that exporting images or textures to pdf is not yet supported by Toon Boom Studio.

Hi Simon -

Thanks for the reply … strange … I’m using tb 4.5 … there is an option under ‘file’ that reads ‘Export drawing to PDF’… do you know if it has bugs in it or is just doing something else altogether … thanks, dan

The vector information will be exported but not the images and textures.