PDF Export

When I export to PDF, I can only do so to the C:\Users\david\Documents directory. (I am Vista 64 user.) Any other save location gives me an error, "The file path is invalid."

Is this a bug, or is this intended?


Thanks much for your prompt response.

Regarding your questions.
Yes, I am able to browse anywhere on the disk and reach my preferred directory using the dialog box.
No, there are no special characters. The file name is output.pdf
I simply browse to the directory and enter the pdf file name.
If I am any deeper than the default directory provided in the dialog I get the same error.

With some testing, I can drop back one directory level to “C:\users\david” and this works.

Thanks, I will get right on it.

You should be able to save it anywhere, so long as there are no special characters in the path. Are you able to browse to that location? Make sure that your file name also has no special characters.



I think the best thing to do now is to email support@toonboom.com so they can investigate your particular situation more closely.