PDF export

I am trying to create a very specific template for a client (see attached) for a client, but I can’t seem to make it work for my PDF export.
Any help would be appreciated. Even if the help is “That is impossible”

I also expected pdf export in STBP5 to be improved, but remains the same as in previous version. It’d been great to have it furtther developed to give us a little bit more control over the layout.

Thank you, Inigo. That answered a big question for me. I won’t be upgrading at this time. They really should have called it “Animatic Pro”, as that’s what it’s geared for.

Live action board clients have vastly different presentation demands and the PDF export needs to be extremely flexible. We should be able to completely customize the parameters with drag/drop and frame stretch options for both the art and dialogue windows.

Hopefully the next update includes a serious redesign of the PDF export options.

I have to assume you’re using version 4? If so, what you’re trying to do is impossible. The PDF export on version 4 is very limited and confining. I’m praying they made a huge alteration to the PDF options in version 5.

Having said that, assuming your project isn’t too large, there is a manual workaround you could try:
Use your custom storyboard template as a layer in photoshop. Export each frame of your storyboard as a .PSD file (or take a screenshot of your final board[s] in STBP). Drop each image as it’s own layer over your template. It’s a time consuming option, but it would get the results you’re after.

I do totally agree. Thanks!

I wish I had found this entry before starting a project in Storyboard pro and I’m having a hell of a time changing the format of a PDF file to give me what I want. That’s exactly what this program should be called: Animatic Pro.

Oh-well. I guess the lesson only cost me $30.00. Thank God I didn’t purchase a year membership, or buy the program outright.

I think I’ll stick to Manga Studio with my own templates until they figure out the PDF export process.