PDF export settings

How do I copy custom pdf export settings to other projects?
It seems a little odd to have to fill out all those fields and options so often, where are those settings kept?

i checked the manual and didn’t come up with anything.

you’ll probably get a quicker response if you email support.

would like to know the answer so if you get a response please post!



You can copy PDF profiles and modify them which should be easier than defining one from scratch.

that sounds great but i’m having trouble finding the location of this command.

can you point the way please?


In the window that appears called “Export to PDF” you will see several PDF export profiles. Underneath are four buttons. Select the profile that most matches what you wish to create and hit the “Duplicate Profile” button.

Select your duplicated profile and then hit the “Edit Profile” button to make changes to your duplicated profile. Mostly you will be editing the panels tab. If you hover your mouse over the check-boxes or input fields, it should offer you a brief tooltip with a brief description of what the feature you are editing does.