PDF export error message

Hi,I’m trying to output my storyboards as one image per page (letter) with dialogue and action notes and it gives me an error message while exporting every time. If I change the layout to just one caption, the output works, but it will not export with two or more captions checked. Any ideas? More control over the layout of the pdf export would be great. Thanks a bunch!

Hi,Would it be possible to know what the error you are getting is exactly?Regards,Ugo

Yep,I get an error message that says, “There were errors during the export. Export ended unsuccessfully.” It only occurs if I try to export the pdf with more than one caption. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi,We would need to know more about how you are currently setup because for the moment we have not yet been able to reproduce the behavior you are having.Which exact version of Storyboard are you using?What is your computer setup?Are you working with an administrator account on the machine or are you limited?Would it be possible to provide us all the changes that were done to the pdf export format to get this behavior reproduced?Best regards,Ugo