PDF export - containing text to a single page

I need to export a single panel with all its text (dialog, action notes, Slugging, and notes) all on the same page. Is there an option in Storyboard Pro 4 to make all the information fit on one page?

The spread captions & sketch option (when unchecked) will prevent text from spreading to a second page but it will not show all the text.

exporting to the 3 panel horizontal or vertical formats? they seem to work

Correct, the three panel export generally does keep the text for each panel on the same page, but it makes the images too small. Their should be a way that Storyboard pro can prevent captions overlapping to the next page by slightly scaling down the size of the image container.


so i was messing around with pdf export options and was able to get a single panel image to print with all captions, all on the same page

i think the thing that did it was playing around with the “image” settings

under options i checked “full page” this is with the “3 panel vertical” layout

in the Edit tab i changed the orientation to “landscape”

you can mess around with the “maximum height for fullpage” box. i entered a value btwn 250 and 500 to get the desired result. i may change depending how how large you want the image to be and how much type you have in your descriptions

expand was checked
zoom level 100


give it a try


Awesome! Thanks! It did the trick!