PDF Embed fonts

If I make a PDF export template with TTF fonts, they appear as intended but only in PDF XChange viewer, but none of the other acrobat , reader etc.
Obviously the fonts haven’t been embedded, so is there a way to do that?

It seems strange that we have the choice of fonts but they don’t actually show up in most situations.

Any ideas of how to make those fonts stick even outside SBP ???

OK if you need to do this, you can with a quick workaround and without spending a penny.

Download and install these two free apps…

pdf XChange Viewer - this one opens the file with the correct font displayed.
DoPDF - this one prints to file and embed the font.

So simply View in Xchange. Then print to file selecting dopdf as the printer with embed font setting, easy and done.
You can even set the quality to make the pdf a fraction of the size.
Now the board will display with the right text on any computer in any viewer - including the ironically clumsy acrobat.
Yaaay! :slight_smile:

A very bizarre process but actually pretty easy and quick after all that research.
The fonts really should get embedded in SBPro though a bit of a thoughtless omission that one…

Another tip, so as not to forget.Save the installers and a text file of these instructions all in the same folder, this kind of thing is sooo easy to forget.