PC user putting animation onto dvd-file format problem - any ideas?

Using a PC. Want to put my animation onto DVD but my burner software won’t recognise quicktime or flash formats. Need it in .avi or .mpg.

Any ideas? - Know of any software that will allow me to convert formats or burn swf/mov?


I haven’t done any DVD burning at this juncture, but I do know that Quicktime Pro (which we are required as TBS users to have) will convert them.Open your QuickTime Player, then open the QT file containing your movie in the Player. Now select File/Export and make the correct selections. There is a bit of tweaking available here, so be sure and check out all the options to get the output file right.Hope that works.

Hi there, I just want to add that QuickTime Pro (that you can find on apple.com for 29.99$) is not required to use Toon Boom Studio only the free QuickTime Player is required. But I agree with Rob the that easiest and cheapest way I can think of would be to use QucikTime Pro to re-export you movie to AVI. If you do so click file menu export => then select in the export option “Movie to AVI”. Then select to use Animation at the bottom (I usualy keep the BMP codec with the best quality possible).

Thanks for your suggestions guys. It looks as though upgrading to Quicktime Pro is the best way to go unless I want to splash out and buy a video editing program - but currently this is out of the budget.-B