PC User can't save

I am trying to get Toon Boom Studio V2 to work on a School Network.
I am using Windows XP Professional

When users try to save they get the following error message.

“Error while saving the animation set. Unable to access file XXXX.tbp.new
Where xxxx is the name of the project.”

The users have to save in My Documents which is redirected to a mapped network drive on a windows 2000 server.

I have set the Global Library and the Project Folder settings in preferences to point to the My Documents Folder; however the error message is still displayed preventing users form saving successfully.

Does any one know a solution to this problem?

Many Thanks

I have managed to fix the problem with help from Tech Support. For Reference and future users here is the solution.

I sent this question to Toon Boom’s Tech Support. And received this email back

This is a problem with permission on the server. The user might a “write” permission on this folder but it is not enough for Toon Boom Studio to save properly. On a windows 2000 server system you need to have full control of the folder (enabling the user to delete rename and
write files). This is because Toon Boom Studio creates a .new file with the same name of the project file, then removes the old project file and rename the .new file to the project file (.tbp). This is to avoid errors while saving a project and corruption in the project file.

In addition to this I had to also grant the user full control in permissions on the sharing tab of the folder.

Many thanks to Toon Boom tech support.

Hello. I have the same saving problems and I m working with a single machine. Can U help me? I m a XP PRO user. Thanks

I am also using XP Pro and having the same problems.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there I have a simalar problem on the mac i upgraded my toonboom copy, and since then it automatically mounts a disk image (which although strange and a bit inconvenient, isn’t a big deal.)

However when i try open one of my old files
“…/users/john/desktop/untitled.tbpd could not be found This file may have been moved, renamed or deleted”.

If i try and save a document I get the following error

"Error while trying to save the animation set.
Toon Boom Templates.tbc.new is not a valid toon boom studio file
Toon Boom Templates.tbc.new is not a valid toon boom studio file"
I’ve tried fiddling with permissions and got no where

Unselect read only for the folders