PC Tablet recommendations

All the new model tablet pcs I’m interested in have integrated intel X3100 chips (rather than dedicated nvidia cards) and I’m wondering if anyone out there has been running STB Pro on them.
I’m looking at the Fujitsu T2010 but would love to hear any recommendations…

HI! Well, I’m not the most remomended guy to recomend about this but I’ve always been very interested about it so I support the topic… BTW, I don’t know too much about that PC Tablets so maybe you (or someone) could tell me if could be possible to take advantage of the “Pen Pressure” function using it, I fear it could be not possible for hardware limitations, but… how I’d like to be wrong! :slight_smile:

Every time I search for a tablet PC with NVidia card, I get an “out of stock” result.
Anyone at ToonBoom know of a specific brand of Tablet PC with NVidia configuration that would still be in stock?



There’s a previous discussion at
…but it would be great if Toon Boom would recommend any of the newer tablet PCs.
I have tried the 17" iMac (with intel graphics) and it worked like a charm, so it may just be a matter of being sure the tablet has openGL 2.0.

Also, it would be good to know if the next version of STB Pro will require any significant hardware upgrades.

Hi Paul and Jean,

Well for sure the safest bet would be to opt for a tablet that has an Nvidia card. We have not yet tested a new model yet but there are a couple available such as the following 2:

- LG C1 (Intel Core Duo 1.2GHz, Nvidia Go 7300)
- HP tx1000 (AMD Turion X2 2.0GHz, Nvidia Go 6150)

You might also want to give a try to the latest generation of Intel GPU such as:

- Lenovo ThinkPad X61 (Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz, GMA X3100 graphics)
- Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz, GMA X3100 graphics)

Be aware that this is not an official supported platform list, those were not tested here and are not officially approved by our quality insurance team. If possible I would consider renting or testing the tablet PC with the software (do a full test if possible with heavy files and such) before actually purchasing the machine.

We are looking into testing more Tablet PC in the future to adapt to the latest technology available.

Best regards,


Hi, I’m David, from dzstudio.
I’m working with TB Storyboard PRO with a Cintiq in a workstation, without problems, and I’m thinking to buy a tablet PC too for travels; I read your notes about it, and I’m wondering if a little tabletPC like this: http://www.motioncomputing.com/products/tablet_pc_ls800.asp will work with TB software… I only want a little notebook to work in quick sketches storyboard (I have an HP notebook with a wacom intuos3 now, but it’s less useful to work in travels than a tablet PC)…
I’m not looking for a powerful machine to use all the TB storyboard tools, only a little tabletPC to draw quickly, to prepare the storyboards from a script in a travel, by example, and work on it after, in the workstation at the studio…
So, my main doubt is about the graphic videocard on this tabletPC… this one that I added in the link don’t uses nvidia videocard, seems that uses an Intel chipset, but I don’t know if this will work good with TBstoryboard PRO…
What do you think about it?



Hi David,

The tablet PC you mention will run Storyboard but you may have display issues since the graphic card it uses is not supported for use with Storyboard Pro. You would have better results with the following cards Ugo mentioned above:
- LG C1 (Intel Core Duo 1.2GHz, Nvidia Go 7300)
- HP tx1000 (AMD Turion X2 2.0GHz, Nvidia Go 6150)



thank you very much :slight_smile:


It’s been a while since there’s been any word on this thread. Wondering if there are any updates available. Any reviews or recommendations, or tests of GMA computers? Any super hot new items that fit the bill fabulously?

I tried the Hp tx2000 tablet and it was capable but not ideal. My only problems were the lack of map-able hotkeys on the screen bezel and the fact that the Wacom tabletPC software doesn’t seem to allow you to calibrate for specific apps (unless this has changed recently). You can calibrate for the desktop but when you switch to Storyboard, the offset changes. Also, I find 12" of screen is really tiny. A tool for roughing only, I think.

Hi everyone,

We received a ModBook Mac Tablet from Axiotron at Toon Boom and its the most incredible tablet I’ve seen. Of course its not by definition a “TabletPc” but with BootCamp you can install Windows and stick with it.

It provides a Wacom technology for the pen, with a very robust screen (you can apply a lot of pressure to the screen and you wont see the usual artefacts you get with regular LCD screen). For the rest of the Hardware its a Mac (Intel and NVidia gfx card, Wifi, etc…).

This is what we are now recommanding at Toon Boom, more info to come on our web pages.