Pc specs advise please

Hey everybody!

Im using Toon Boom and have some issuses while real time rendering which makes a good work flow impossible, so i decided to buy some new pc stuff. Now i need some good advises from you what in your opinion is the best i could buy for animating.

Im not a computer specialist but my current pc specs are.
Gtx 55o ti
6Gb Ram
Intel i3


With at least the GTX 700 series or higher, 16GB RAM and an i5 or i7 processor you would be fine. If you can afford the investment run your OS and applications on an SSD and have everything else on a 7200RPM HDD.

Toon Boom Studio is not the most efficient running software. It tends to lag. You will probably not see blistering performance on the most powerful system.

Okay thanks for your comment :slight_smile:
Do you think toon boom harmonie would be better?

IMO Harmony Essentials would only be better if you plan to move up to Advanced and/or Premium eventually.

Essentials is a stripped down version of Premium.

Studio is a basic digital cell animation program with stop motion capability. It offers a few things unavailable in the Harmony levels. I am going by what I have read from users who crossgraded from Studio to Essentials. ASAIK TB has yet to produce a chart that directly compares features between Studio and Essentials.

One advantage of Essentials is gaining familiarity with Harmony. That is only important if you plan to move to another level. A lot of features in Essentials are blocked because it is a restricted version of Premium. IMO that could be frustrating to deal with. I would rather have at least the Advanced level if going with Harmony. Advanced and Premium offer many refined tools. When I started with Studio I watched a lot of tutorials using the higher software as well. Things were so much easier with better tools so I crossgraded to Animate Pro 3.

One other consideration, Toon Boom is not going to continue offering and supporting Studio after 2016. The same is true of Animate 3 and Animate Pro 3. It still is worth considering them as alternatives to a level of Harmony. You would gain advanced tools for less than investing in Harmony Adv. or Prem. but it would be software that will become increasingly incompatible with future hardware and operating systems. On the other hand you could get a lot of life from them in the coming years and once they were too old you could crossgrade to Harmony.

thank you for your detailed answer i’ll think about it.
Very helpful :slight_smile: