PC Resources used by Harmony

Hello, we use a few versions of Harmony at work, from 14 to 17.

In every version, Harmony doesn’t seem to ever use more than 15% of the processing power. Never uses a lot of RAM, or GPU power. This is frustrating considering that the scenes are very heavy and almost impossible to work in because the software won’t use more resources. Just playing back the scene can go at 2-4 frames per second sometimes. If there are more than one imported high resolution video, flipping between keyframes can take 5-10 seconds.

I heard that Harmony was not optimized to use multiple cores. If this is the case, it’s going to be harder and harder to use because all processors are multi-cores nowadays. And studios make their shows heavier and heavier, thinking that the software can support it.

So if it’s true, were you considering making Harmony use multiple cores at some point?

Hello SwindyG!

Harmony 15, 16 and 17 have a couple of options that can help you render a bit quicker: Render View Image Cache, Multi Threading and GPU. These can all be found in the “Render” portion of your preferences tab, and behave as follows:

Render View Image Cache:

Cache Size (Percentage of System RAM): The percentage of RAM on your machine to reserve for the Render View cache.

Disk Cache: If enabled, Harmony will also use your machine’s storage space to store Render View image cache, increasing its total capacity.

Cache Path and Capacity on Disk (in MB): You can use this field to specify one or several storage location for the Render View disk cache.

Multi Threading:

This lets you specify the level of parallel processing done during the final image calculation (soft-rendering). Allowing parallel processing speeds up the soft-render process.

Number of Rendering Threads: Lets you specify the number of parallel processes during the soft-render process. A value of 1 disables the multi-threading process because it specifies that only one rendering thread will be used during the process. The maximum number of threads is 64. The recommended starting value is 2 threads per CPU core, meaning that if you are using a 2 Quad Core CPU, the preferences should initially be set to 16 threads.

Enable Graphic Card Acceleration: Optimizes the rendering blurs by using the GPU’s acceleration capabilities. This option is on by default. Not all cards support this acceleration.

You can find additional info in our documentation here: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-17/premium/preferences-guide/render-preference.html

If all of the above solutions are all at their maximum allowable or you want more help troubleshooting other aspects such as the slowness when flipping between keyframes, I suggest you reach out to our support team at support@toonboom.com and provide them with a copy of the scene, if possible. They’ll help you out!