PC 2.5 Beta

The Beta announcement note is unclear. Do we have to buy the Beta license before Nov. 1 in order to participate? Or do we wait until Nov. 1 and then order?

Also, where is the list of enhancements?

And why is it that the Mac users got the upgrade for free???

Now I’m really outraged. I’d love to participate in the Beta and get my hands on the next version, but while Mac users got the upgrade for free, we have to pay $50 to participate in the Beta test, then another $99 to get the upgrade??

Correction. My mistake. The $99 is for version 1 users. So I guess if I pay the $50 I can get the beta and then the finished version of 2.5?

Aah, who ever said life was fair was fulla malarky.

(just what is malarky, anyway?)

Only PC registered users are invited to participate in the Beta phase.
If you decide to participate, you’ll have to pay $ 50 only to download the Beta version and the final one when it is released.
On November 1st, you’ll be able to buy the Beta version online. We’ll send you the instructions that same day.
The message sent on October 25, 2004 was only to notify you of what’s coming. We thought you’d appreciate getting the news in advance.
Hoping you will enjoy this latest version,
Best regards,
Toon Boom

OK, thanks for the info…

I have to say, now that I’m over my resentment about having to pay to get what (I think?) the Mac users got for free, I’m getting pretty excited about V2.5.

This is going to be great! I’ll be able to do nearly everything I need to do in Toon Boom!

At least you got a letter? A am a registered user and did not even know about a new version?

Vince ???


I only recently (a month ago) upgraded from the mess that was V1 to V2 (Which should, in many PC users opinion have been a bug fix patch) after reading about 2.5 for the mac. I assumed that as the Mac users got a free upgrade we would too.

Frankly the history of this app hardly fills me with confidence that 2.5 will be worth the money.

>:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( :’(

I did get my letter :). Just wondering if any one has tried the beta, and what are the benefits? Do the new additions make it worth the upgrade compared to version 2.0.


I’ve just done some basic messing about with it so far, but I’m enjoying the increased functionality. Being able to draw/paint in sceneplanning view is great.

One really cool feature is called Peg-only Mode, which allows you to edit pegs only in sceneplanning without accidentally grabbing something else.

It’s actually to a point where I wonder why there are still two different screens, but I’d hate to loose the drawing view. It’s nice to have two different layouts, even though you can draw in both now.

I checked it out and i was able to open a file I created in 2.5 in 2.0. Also the onion skinning buttons take up less space due to a drop-down menu. I like that.

Generally it’s worth it at $50 to get ahead of the curve now before the price goes up. I’ve been looking forward to this since 2.5 came out for Mac.

It hasn’t worked just yet, but I’m also really excited about using scanner/camera interface. After that, the only external software I need is sound editing and something to do text with. Sure, a few other things, too, but the package is getting tighter.

Just got the 2.5 beta and the audio in the timeline is fantastic. In version 2 the audio was painful to scrub but it’s very smooth now. The money is worth it just for the audio control. I just wish the audio and drawings played back togeather in drawing mode, at the moment it only seems to work in scene mode.

So far I’ve only tried the drawing mode.

-Great improvement in pen sensitivity and line quality. I have preferred TBS even for non-animation drawing over Illustrator and Flash, and it’s now got even better, with excellent and sensitive line quality.
-The icons are better and take up less space

-Some bugs they’ve known about since pre-release of V1 STLL haven’t been fixed (such as pen smoothing settings always defaulting back to 2 instead of being saved)
-Cutter tool is the same useless tool as V2. The V1 cutter tool was truly much better.
-There is a memory leak somewhere. It really bogs down when importing some Flash files.
-The major problem is that scanning doesn’t work, at least with the EPSON scanner I have. Scanning in TBS 2.5 completely crashes my computer.

I trust that the above bugs will be fixed, rather than waiting until V3 (which unfortunately does seem to be the pattern with this company. I hope they surprise me).

Its not normal that an small animation of 200k take 100% of the processor, i think its one of the biggest issue of ToonBoom … because our client are using old computer and 56k internet connection and even if we do smaller animation it cause the same problem.

I hop that you solve that and the other probleme that Fong told us and most of the rest.


were is the best place to report bugs for the beta so they get fixed for the release.
-The bug report link under toonbom web page
-This forum
or an email address I’m not aware of. I can’t find information about reporting bugs in all the beta information I got.

The instructions say to send bug reports to:


However, I recommend that bug reports also be put in these forums for the public record. Once I’ve compiled my list I will likely start a new thread here.

Note that they have given us a deadline of November 15 to submit bug reports. That is a very slim time frame, and it indicates to me a less than genuine willingness to release a fully functional, bug-free program.

I like this program, but Toon Boom (the company) has earned itself a simply terrible reputation for leaving bugs as-is, waiting two years to fix one or two of them, and then selling the bug fix as a new release. I ask the Toon Boom executives to earn the faith of those of us who have paid them $50 for the privilege of evaluating their product and not only fix every single bug reported, but also schedule a regular series of free service releases as new bugs are discovered.

Hello everyone,

The best way to report a bug is to send it at betapc2_5@toonboom.com. You can make sure that the bugs listed here are on the list to be solved for the commercial release. We already solved some of them and you will be able to see it for yourself in the second beta release coming out soon. Of course all beta testers are going to be notified by email.

Thank you to everyone,

Stay tooned !

A question for anyone using the 2.5 beta. If you create A drawing then create a peg and position it at the desired location can you drop the drawing on it without having to reposition the drawing. It is driving me mental having to double handle positioning of drawings.

All drawings inherit the offset of the peg they are placed on, is there a way of turning this off. Most software is capable of this simple task. Maybe there is a shortcut key I am unaware of. I know you can change the pivot but only for either scale or rotation not both. Is there a solution to this simple task or do you have to double handle every drawing that you want to control scale and rotaton from the same pivot point that is not at the center of the screen. ???

I’ve been thinking about the same issue and I think I’ve come up with a solution, but I have yet to test it.

If your drawing is centred in the drawing view, that’s a good start. Likely you got that.

If you drop the drawing on the peg and then position it at center, that should allow you to position the peg to put the object in place.

I’ll give it a shot this weekend sometime and report my findings. That drives me nuts, too, but I’m pretty sure it’s usually due to not planning my process very well.

Thanks, Mathieu, for responding like this. I have sent in 5 or 6 bug reports to the e-mail address and hope that every one will be fixed. I am very happy that there will be a second beta (and, I hope, a second chance to report bugs) before the commercial release. I really like TBS, and wish to see it be perfect!