PayPal Problems

I tried to buy toonboom studio, but PayPal (Uk) crashed out when I eventually got to the screen & pressed the pay button. As I don’t have a PayPal account, I can’t check whether the transaction occurred. After 10 minutes & no incoming email, I assumed that it had failed & had another go, which also failed with the ‘PayPal is having temporary problems’ message.

So, I’m assuming that you didn’t get paid (I got the email registering me on the forum, but no email/web page etc. with licence keys) and that I’ll have to try again another day. However I’m posting this in the offchance, the payment(s) actually got through because I only want to buy one license.

Here’s hoping this isn’t going to end in tears.

Alan :-[

Hi Alan,

I strongly recommend you to contact our sales department at If the order was indeed only partially made we will make sure to complete it so you do not lose your money. If it wasn’t made at all they can also contact you to do the order manually.

If you have any issue make sure to let us know.

Best regards,


Thanks for the advice. I’ll check with the sales team