Hello. I was wondering, can I make an annual plan, paid monthly? I do not want to pay 624 cad right away. So you deduct 52 per month for a year. Is that possible?

First, to address your question you can pay on a month to month basis. It is the most expensive option aside from buying the software in the form of a perpetual license.

On the pricing page you should see two options for a subscription: monthly and annually. When you check one of these two options the prices update and reflect the rate broken up into 12 segments just so you can compare the cost and see the discount and benefit from paying for the year all at once.

The bottom line is you save 33 percent paying for the year all at once but you can pay monthly if you wish to. The advantage of monthly is you can skip months you will not use the software or you can use it for a short term project when you will not need it for a full year.

Actually, as I know, there are a lot of companies that make discounts if you decide to pay not monthly but once a year, for example. I can remember at least two, PlayStation store and Netflix. Anyway, if you are a company that is not as big as Netflix, I feel like I understand where this problem is coming from. There are some ways of hacking the payment system of such services, but it’s not a big problem, because there are some good companies like that are preventing such frauds. I really appreciate this company and how good they are doing their job.