Patricle problems


Is it possible that every generated element by complete particle system can be in “real” 3d environment (I mean that drawing layer positioned in the middle of 3d region of particle and the part of generated elements go behind, others go in front )?If it’s impossible how correctly solve this problem? Should i do two 3d regions with different Z position?

And second problem is - why did generated elements not centered to the 3d region? (any other actions are disabled)


Hi kotenko1989,

The particle systems aren’t real 3D environments. Therefore, you would indeed benefit from having two regions at different z-depth in which you would generate particles.

Could you upload a screenshot of the 2nd problem you are having?

Thank you for posting,

Hi Matisse!
Thank you for attention to my problem.
To the first question is clear,thanks.
There is the same problem with planar region.

To not to create new topic post here new question: how can i not apply FOCUS filter to drawing? i tried to FOCUS _Multiplier filter -but no result, maybe problem is in using composite not drawing ?

Thanks for help!