pathanimation - stupid question?

I have problem: I try to use a drawing (curve) as an animationpath for an other drawing (a ball or so) - but I can not animate the ball along the curve (Which is so easy in Toon Boom Studio or in Flash).

I can animate the ball and then I can modify the path - but I can not use a finished drawing as path for animating - is there a way for this?

@Lilly - thank you for the answer.
Yes, I see, in Studio it is the same like in Animate.
So, it would be an idea for the next version - drawing pathes or import AI-files as animationpath.

ok - thank you.

I double-checked and I can’t see a way that you can do this in Toon Boom Studio either. What happens in Toon Boom Studio is you can animate your peg layer, and as you’re animating your peg layer you can see the path.

You can do the same thing in Animate. You just have to select your peg, and do a View > Show > Control and you’ll be able to see the path as you animate.


I can definitely submit that as a feature request. :slight_smile: