Just wondering if there’s a patch for TBS? I’m hoping there’s some free additional features, or adjustments to the original program. For instance, if I am using the brush tool and shrink the imagine, the lines retain their thickness, whereas the pencil tool can be altered. Obviously I want the lines to scale with the image size, or at the very least, manually adjust it. Further to the above, I find it easier to use the paint feature when using the brush to form an enclosed area, rather than the pencil (the slightest gap won’t enable you to paint the area). I guess I’m hoping these issues are somehow resolved with a patch.


Now my lines are automatically grouping together whenever they cross. How do I disable this? Thank you for any information you can provide.

As far as I remember, the lines always scaled down proportional to the size of the image…
(how does it look when you render (snapshot) the view ?)
(what kind of graphic card are you using ?)

Use “Auto Close Gap / Close Large Gap”

Uncheck “Draw Top Layer” from the Tools Menu…
and use the “Flatten” command to melt the lines…


Thanks very much for the response. I really appreciate it. To clarify, I’d love the option to widen the lines manually regardless of scale. I usually draw my images to the full size of the drawing screen and then shrink them down from there thus ensuring maximum detail. The problem I have is I might scale one picture smaller than another and then their lines mismatch. I’m looking for consistency.

Here’s are some tips that will help you achieve a consistent look to your work. Always draw your art work in Drawing View using the grid as a size reference so that your characters are the same relative size. Always draw at a consistent zoom level and your relative line weights will stay consistent. Don’t scale your characters in Drawing view. Scaling is a display attribute that is best applied in Camera View as needed for a specific shot or scene. To better understand the TBS work flow, I recommend these articles:
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