Pasting in the same frame (Toon Boom Harmony)

I have been experiencing difficulties copy-pasting in the same frame. I’m aware of using Ctrl+V and Alt+Shift+D to copy and paste between frames, but they do not seem to do that when it comes to one frame. Ideas?

Do you do the selection with the selection tool?

Have you tried copy paste in the drawing view?

Sometimes times it could be difficult to copy/ paste because you have the wrong view active.

Maybe something with being in wrong art layer?

What kind of element do you want to copy/ paste?

Welp, it would seem that the selection tool was the problem. Apparently I chose the wrong selection tool, as you’re supposed to use the white arrow one for copy-pasting. Thanks for the help, Mattiasgordon!

Glad you solved it.

It depends on what you want to do which tool to use, and you will keep learning when you work and run into unexpected problems.

Enjoy animating!