pasting drawing object always slightly askew... can it be solved

Hiya guys,

Whenever I paste a drawing object, it pastes back slightly to the right of where it should be. So if i am making a hand drawn sequence and want to add to something in a new cell, it pastes slightly off position. It is very annoying.

Can it be prevented?

Look forward to any info.

Best regards,

I don’t know if their is an option to have it not do this but to move it back into the right place hold shift hit up once and left once. this will put it in the right spot. the second paste is up 2 left 2 etc…

Hey Rhubix,Good info. I’ll try that until I can find a setting to change,Cheers old bean!Steve.

There is no setting to change for this. Basically, if you copy on one frame, and paste on another empty drawing, it should paste in place. However if you copy and paste on the same frame, or copy and paste on another frame that already has the same drawing in it, since your source drawing and your destination drawing are in the same place, it automatically moves it over. This is to prevent people from unwittingly creating multiple copies of a drawing.~LillyToon Boom Support