pasting dialogue problem

In v4.1 - I am pasting dialogue in to my scene from a pdf . It enters the dial box fine but when I click out of the box into the drawing window the dialogue disappears . . I seem to be able to enter the dialogue manually ok just not by using paste .

Try pasting the text to a plain text document first. Sometimes text may have formatting information that might not be understood on the receiving end.

I am pretty certain the document came from final draft and made into a pdf . So I am just informing Tb that there may be a problem here . I can certainly do a work around in the meantime but ultimately that’s not desirable .

I’m experiencing this problem too.

Also, even with text already in the project, it won’t CUT/PASTE correctly. If you CUT some dialog from one panel and PASTE it into the next panel, it REAPPEARS in the original panel. This also happens when you try to move text from DIALOG to NOTES or any text panel it seems. What’s going on? Really hurting my workflow. Didn’t have this problem with 1.5.

Tried, and the text still vanishes.

exporting the dialogue to plain text didn’t work for me . When I copy and paste any dialogue into sbpro4 it will disappear as soon as i move to the next panel . I found he only way to keep the text in the dialogue box was to change the text in some way . This usually meant deleting the full stop at the end of the sentence or deleting a letter and then retyping it back in .

  • surely this is an easy fix. when is the next update patch please . ?

Seconding this. A fix would be greatly appreciated. This was definitely not a problem in SBP2!

There should be no problem pasting plain text into the dialogue boxes. If you are having problems with this you should contact support to have a look.