Paste without extending exposure or connecting drawings

I want to copy my last frame, and just paste it to the next so i can make a small change. but every time i paste my last frame, it just extends the exposure, its really annoying. i found a way to get around that by adding a temporary frame between the two images. When i edit my newly pasted frame it modifies EVERY identical frame as well, i JUST want this frame to be separate so i can make a few minor changes. ITS REALLY BUGGING ME

There are a few ways to do it but you can do ctrl + B instead of Ctrl + V. This will open the Paste Special window and then you can choose Always create new drawing.

You could also expand the exposure of the original drawing by one frame or to the end of the scene and the on the next frame that you want a new image do Duplicate Drawing. You can use a shortcut or use the Timeline Toolbar’s icon Duplicate drawing.