Paste Special "Update Drawing Pivots" not working


I´m copying the cell in the timeline using the contextual menu and then right-clicking on the next cells and using the contextual menu again to do a Paste Special with the Update Drawing Pivots selected, but nothing happens. Does anyone know what could be the reason for this?



Lilly,I’m using PRO and I’m trying to paste the pivot from one hand drawing to the other 3 hand drawings on the same layer (separate cells, or course).When I try Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V with the camera selected I get nothing; with the timeline selected I get the whole drawing and pivot pasted.In the meantime, I zoom in as much as I can, put the tip of my real-life pencil on the screen to fix the position of the peg and change drawing to manually set it in the same place. It kind of works but it’s time consuming and I’m about to make wholes on my computer screen :)Thanks for any ideas.Carlos

UPDATE:I uninstalled today and installed again. Pasting is working fine.ThanksC.

What version of the software are you using? Are you trying to copy from one layer to another layer, or from one cell to another cell on the same layer?

Just so you know another way of copying pivots is to just select the pivot tool, then with the first drawing selected do a Ctrl+C, then select the destination drawing and do a Ctrl+V.