Paste Special Cycle Problems

I’m a new user, so sorry if this is a really basic question. I’m on a PC. I’m trying to cycle a symbol in my timeline. If I Alt-drag my symbol to the timeline, the paste special dialog box comes up. It doesn’t seem to matter the number of cycles I tell it to past, it only pastes the cycle one time. For example if I have a symbol that’s 10 frames long, and I paste special it with 2 cycles, it still only shows in my timeline as 10 frames (not 20). And the animation only plays once. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or what, but in the tutorial I’m following, they don’t have that problem. Thanks for the help!

There is an easier way…

Right-click your image sequence in the timeline (i.e. the frames) and select
“Create Cycle”

Normally you would not want to create symbols for imported artwork, they mostly complicate things and work a bit differently than Symbols in Flash.
In Animate Pro symbols are used mainly as a container for objects whose spacial relationship to each other always remains fixed.