Paste on to a new layer

Ok. I may well be missing something really obvious but here goes.

I have 3 eyelid positions on different layers (in order to align imported objects) and now I want them on different frames of one layer (so I can create a symbol). For the life of me I can not find an obvious way of cutting and pasting to do this. What am I missing. Will someone PLEASE put me out of my misery :frowning:

Thanks in advance

You can copy a drawing object that is in one cell of his layer, selecting it with the select tool (upper black arrow) in lasso or marquee mode, and then paste these drawing object in one cell of a new layer that you can create for paste all sucessive drawings. (Select the frame of the layer to make the paste in the timeline) Make the same procedure with the others drawings that are located in separated layers, and paste one next the other in this new layer. This helps you?



The technique posted by Yoryo is right.
Also, if you want to copy and paste drawings from one layer to another one, you can use the Paste Special feature and select the Always Create Drawings option.

If you do a plain copy paste, it will only paste the drawing names.
At first, it may seem ridiculous to you, but it has to work like this because of many many reasons. Just to give you a general idea, when creating cycles, if it was copying the actual drawing, it would defeat the cycle purpose. The same apply to the drawing substitution.
When doing traditional animation, in the Xsheet, most of the time, you want to copy empty exposure from one layer to another one. etc etc etc.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to you… :slight_smile:


Thanks. It kind of makes sense though it is a little non-obvious after using other apps. I will perservere though :slight_smile:

Good luck,


That´s right Marie Eve, now there is no doubt possible for any user about this simple but not obvious knowledge. Best Regards.


Sigh. I thought I had the hang of this.
I have just uptated Animate 2 and they symbols I cut out and positioned have vanished. So I am going through this process again. In time line view:

Import a pdf with 3 eyelid positions.

Cut the eyelids onto individual layers and align them on top of each other.

Add blank frames on one of the layers. (this will eventually be my symbol)

Cut one of the other layers ctrl -X

Move to the master layer with the blank frames

Right click

Scratch my head because I don’t have the option to paste special.

What on earth am I missing???

Ah. I just worked it out. I was selecting the drawing when I should have been selecting the frame the drawing was on.

This is taking me a while to un-learn stuff from other apps. I hope this helps others.


I am curious to why you are pasting your eyelids on 3 different layers.
Maybe I do not understand what you are doing correctly, but I feel they should be all on the same layer and within the same symbol…


It’s jut the way I exported them from my drawing app as a pdf.
They were all on one layer in a line. I just put them on different layers to align them. Not the cleanest way of working but it does teach me the ins and outs of Animate…kind of ;D

Got it :slight_smile:

You can also use the Onion Skin feature to see your previous and next frames in a same layer.