Paste Layer Special

Hi there

Does anyone know what happened to the 'Paste Layer Special ’ feature in the Layer Menu?

I don’t seem to have the option in my version of SBP5.1 (11319)

Was it removed? I don’t see mention in recent changelogs.


Hello hughfindsthings!

The Paste Layer Special option is still in. You can indeed find it from the Layer Menu.

Make sure that when you have the layer selected and are ready to copy it, that you copy it from the Layer Menu as well and not by pressing Ctrl + C or Cmd + C.

You should then have no problem seeing the Paste Layer Special option from the same menu when you want to paste them after.

Let me know if this helps you or if you are still having issues with this matter.

Additionnaly, I invite you to have a look at the blog article that we released regarding some of the features including the Paste Layer Special option. This will perhaps be of some help.

Kind regards,