Paste layer special not working on windows computer

Hi there,
I just changed my computer from Mac to Windows.
Is anyone know why this function runs but nothing should be copied shows on the other selected panels on the windows version?
Below is my process:
① select and copy the layer ② hold CTRL+SHIFT to add panels. ③ In the drop-down window of the “layer” on the top, click the “paste layer special”. Then it shows several panels I’ve selected. Then I click"Ok".
This process worked perfectly on my Mac, the layer added to all the panels I’ve selected, the only difference is in the first step, use “Command” instead of “Ctrl” on windows. But on windows, it just nothing adds to the selected panels after I did this process.

The other Windows computer at our company has the same problem. I don’t know why but need some help, this function is so important to storyboarding.