paste frames


I would like to paste frames from one project in to another one. This is what I did and what happened:
1. selected the frames in de source project
2. copied the frames with cmd + c
3. closed the file and opened the other one
4. selected the frame where the frames should be pasted
5. paste special and checked the box "always create drawings"
What happens is that there appear new frames, without content. But when I go through the frames I can see the drawings in the library. I also tried to drag the drawings from the library in to the frame, but that also didn’t work out.

I did this before, with 2 other files and then everything worked fine! So what is the problem here? ???



Just an idea. Try creating a template from the drawings you want to cut and paste, then access the template from the new project.


nope, same problem :frowning:

when i choose “edit template” i see the frames in the template are empty, but in the library i see drawing substitutes ???

I’m so stupid :-[
The scene where i copied the frames from, was a pan shot and the frames where all the way to the right… So I could not see them in my new scene because they weren’t within the camera :stuck_out_tongue: my fault!!! thanks for helping me any way!

Definitely create a template.