Paste Cycle Messes up my tweened animation

I’ve worked in Toonboom animate 2 to make a simple cycled animation. I made a test with a ball and duplicated the problem. 20 frames 24fps a simple ball bounce up and down with velocity on it becomes a choppy mess if you use velocity to add easing — and PASTE CYCLE. Paste cycle ruins everything. Why is this? This should not happen. The only work around I found was to set all frames to keyframes and then paste the cycle say fifteen to twenty was what I wanted.

What a fiasco. Is there a better way to make a cycled animation in toonboom? In after effects or flash cycled animations aren’t so sloppy with weird doubled key frames appearing or the animation going screwy when it pastes down the timeline.
Paste cycle lends itself to so many screw ups… cycling a butt load of key frames is just a bad idea. check out the file attached to see what I’ve done. Any help would be much appreciated.

Works perfectly here:
(no sound, it’s all very easy and straight-forward)