Paste Cycle Keyboard Shortcut now brings up Help in Harmony 14


Since updating to Harmony Premium 14 (14.0.0 ) on Mac, the keyboard shortcut for Paste Cycle in the Xsheet no longer works correctly.

It is still set correctly in Preference as ⌘+/ and shows up as such when you right click on a cell.

However, pressing⌘+/ now brings up “Integrated Help”

Anyone else encounter this? Any work-arounds or fixes?

Seems like a help shortcut got added at a system level that is overriding the old shortcut (which I use regularly).

Thanks for the help!


Troubleshooting this a year later, and posting in case anyone cares. (From the lack of response perhaps no one does!)

It seems that both the help command “Show What’s This” and the “Paste Cycles” command have the same default keyboard shortcut in Harmony 14 (⌘+/) … by clearing the shortcut under the help function (listed without apostrophe as “Show Whats This” in Harmony’s Preferences) I could get “Paste Cycle” to work correctly from the keyboard shortcut.

Toon Boom team might want to correct the duplicate default keyboard shortcut, which I’m sure is an oversight.