Parts of of drawings disappear in perspective mode on TBA2

Hi all, I have just cross graded from studio to animate 2. i have set a new rig up, when i go to perspective mode to check placements of my character and scenery my character has bit of the body missing.I have checked that all the z axis’s are not flown of the scale but my ghostly character is still missing vital body parts…why?

All layers are ticked and all body parts appear in camera and drawing modes.

Heres hoping someone can throw light on my no doubt silly question.


Hi,I would say it is only a simple display glitch caused by the graphic card.Unless it is essential to your work to see everything in the Perspective view, I would not really worry about it.It will not cause any issue in your scene.Marie-Eve

HI Marie-Eve thanks for your reply, when i put together a simple rig, the perspective works like a treat. This doesn’t make any sense to me.Karl

Hi Lilly, my graphics card is ATI, Radeon HD2600 on a mac. its really odd as when i use the perspective mode and look at my rig at a very oblique angle i kinda can see it all (but i do mean very oblique) and i have tried simpler rigs which seem to work fine. Just been playing around with changing textured fills into flat areas of colour and this resolves the problem, just very strange. But limits my appetite for for texture when scene planning. pants. Thanks for the support guys i hope its not a graphics card problem!!Karl

HI the great support at TB answered the problem and this is the answer:Try followings.From preferences, go to OpenGL tab and check ‘alternate gradient and cutter’ and OK to close the preferences. If the drawing still does not show in perspective view, please close and restart Animate 2 and then check it again.Let me know the result.Best regards,Juhoworked fine.Karl

What is your graphics card? Does your scene display correctly from the camera view?

There can be display problems when working with multiple elements that are on the same z-depth - because when you rotate around the perspective view, since everything is on the same depth, it sometimes has difficulty figuring out which one is on top from the perspective that you’re looking at.


If you go to Edit > Preferences, OpenGL tab, do you have any of the performance boxes unchecked? If you have Enable Textures, Gradients in drawings turned off, it would make anything painted with a texture look unpainted.