Parts of obects in front of and behind others on different layers

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Quick question about how to handle it when objects on different drawing layers go back and forth on top of each other.

In the image below are two frames from an traditional 2D animation (no cutout or rigging) when a dog picks up a big horn. Obviously in the first, the dog needs to be behind the horn, and in the second some of the dog needs to be on top of the horn and his back left leg needs to be behind it. And there are lots and lots of frames with some parts of the dog needing to be in front of the tuba and others behind.

It seems I could erase out art (very hard to get exactly right), I could use the cutter to try to cut stuff and move it to a different drawing layer (also very tricky).

I’m hoping there’s be a better way!

Is there a standard/best/easiest way to handle this sort of situation in Animate?

Thanks very much!

Hi henrycarlaHere is a link to TB Studio Tips&tricks page showing how to use masks: you go to the Animate userguide page 734, you will find described how to use masks in Animate.It is also possible to arrange layers in z-dep working in Top View.Dividing Dog Horn in three layers in z-dept: 1.Dog’s body+head 2.horn 3. legs would solve many of your problems. The rest shold be possible using a mask, or by adjusting/cutting/erasing the drawings.If there is a best way I don’t know.Best regardsIvar

Thanks Ivaar - I’ll definitely have a look at that!Anyone else have any idea if there’s any “standard” way to handle this problem?Thanks much!

I would just break the horn in 2 and then animate the z depth of the dogs leg.

Hi againMade a small video showing a couple of alternatives.Layers in z-dept and adding a mask(cutter)Here is the link: are probably better ways, but these are simple and works.If the dog is walking inside add cutter to the legs or arrange them on a separate layer or both.Sorry that I missed out the back leg problem when I made the video, but I am sure you now know how to add the cutter.Best regardsIvar

Thanks, that seems like a great idea. Except that on each new frame that goes by, a different part of the dog needs to be in front of the tuba and a different part behind. So it’s almost like every single drawing needs a different layer cut, which is pretty frustrating.

Ivar, wow - that’s awesome!! Thanks so much!! :)Taking the time to put that together for us - MUCH appreciated! I wish we could give you stars or points or something!By the way, you’re a fantastic artist. You do some great work. Very impressive stuff!

Thanks for the nice words.Reading questions and trying to figure out a solution is really very rewarding.It also clare ones own mind about things.This forum and the TB tutorials have been the main source for me learning the software and still is. So the least one can do is to participate when possible.Your scene looks really full of possibilities, would be nice to see it when finished.-Ivar

My pleasure. Also, since you said you were curious, I uploaded the shot as it stands currently so you can check it out if you like., thanks for your help!

I would vote for splitting the object into two layers. You could always control them both together by making a peg layer a parent of both of them, and then control each one independently as well to adjust the z-depth.