Parts Of Drawing Disappearing After Transformation W/ Cutter

Anytime I move a drawing parts of it will disappear the moment I put down another stroke. It seems to specifically be happening on areas where multiple colours overlap. I’m not sure if it only happens with the cutter, but this time that’s what I was using. I recall it happening once before with an imported image, but I ended up just working around it, now that it’s happening again I’m concerned about going forward with any projects knowing that parts of it might just disappear. I’m still quite unfamiliar with the program so I have no idea why this is happening or how to prevent it. What exactly is happening?

Here’s an example of it. All of the areas that disappeared are areas where different colours either touched or overlapped, but It’s happened to entire pieces of drawings before regardless of colour.

Harmony 17 Premium
Windows 10

Are you on the latest build of Harmony 17, as of this post is You can find your version/build under Help and then About from the Harmony menu.

You are talking about the Cutter Node not the Cutter Tool?

Yes I’m on the newest version. No, I’m referring to the cutter tool, I have yet to use nodes at all.

Are you using Vector or Bitmap Layers?

Vector, though I’ve had it happen with bitmap as well.

Sorry I don’t know what to tell you, maybe I’m not understanding without seeing it in action.