Particles with Animate tutorial

You can access my tutorials here

It is a 2 parter on how to set up partcles (just the basics) I will probably do a snow and/or rain one for an in practice example but that was a bit advanced without knowing how it works first.

Now I am considering doing these more regularly I am opening the floor to requests. Be specific (and support somebody elses request if it is what you want to see) and if possible I will make them (or neg. one similar). I think the 6-8 minutes parts are a good length. Thank you for the support as there are actually a lot more posts supporting me than i realised.

Thank you very much for your excellent tutorial…

I tried to emulate your technique with a little wasp I just created…
Must say, this is a very easy and fast way to do a simple background animation…

If you like, here is the very simple and “crude” result:
(not sure, why the original drawing appears very shortly during rendering)
But otherwise, the result is really promising… and the possibilities are endless…

For the moment, I would rather prefer to do it the old fashion way:

Thank you for making me aware of this marvelous feature…


nice result :slight_smile:

if you don’t want your wasps to be motion blurred just put a really high value for the intensity (to create more like the second result)

I thought understanding it was important because as you said there are some many creative possibilities with it.

So just to point out I created a new bucket called “Tips & Tricks” - here you can post the link to your tutorials so it’ll be easy for people to reference to them later!

Toon Boom Support

Raider great job again man. I learned some interesting stuff today. Like I didnt know you could pull out that little menu on the timeline to adjust your effects. Very cool. Good to finally see some more advanced tutorials.

Only 3 things I personaly wish for:

1.) I wish you would show a final result. Maybe before the tutorial begins you can show us what the final outcome will be, and then go into the tutorial like you normally do. Like show a rendered example before the tutorial starts?

2.) Maybe go alittle faster sometimes. It feels a little slow paced but that could just be me

3.) Would be great if you could do a morphing tutorial. Like a head turn using morphing would be great.

Anyway man, very great job! What a surprise treat.

I did in the previous tutorials show a final result. Part of the reason I didn’t with this tutorial is that it was a “tool” tutorial and the final result wasn’t anything special. I also didn’t have a final result in mind when I started, but a list of things i wanted to show. However if i do the follow up with rain or snow (useable effect in an actual animation) I will put the final result at the start.

I feel the slow paced in part might be caused, for example when I am doing basic things that you know like adding a new colour that you just want to tutorial to move back to particles. However I want to stick to everything done on screen as it sets me apart and fills the void. I know you said more advanced, but in my mind this is a totally introductory and you need zero knowledge to complete it. Once I have some more I will be able to do some advanced ones where I can skip over drawing/scenes because I have done it in a previous tutorial. Like if I do rain I will do it on the hill scene from the previous tutorial.

Did you find it slow paced in general or just in certain parts?

As you know morphing isn’t my favourite tool :slight_smile: However I was thinking of doing a basic head turn so I will try to apply morphing and see if I am happy with the result to the point of doing a tutorial.

I also emailed toonboom requesting some support so that I can make pro tutorials as well, so fingers crossed, I will be able to do some of them too.

I understand man,

1.) When i said render, i ment like I thought it would be great to actually see what the particles looked like rendered or see an animation.

Totaly introductory and no knowledge to complete ? Well… im sure you need some kind of knowledge to do the tutorial. Like you dont want to open animate for the first time and expect to make snow flaks with the contour editor adding points with the shortcuts and motionblur mask and stuff. Seems like you gotta know something besides the basics to do that. I think this is advance tutorial , cmon we’re talking about particles here! : D But I get what ur saying, its like an introductory to particles, not intro to Animate so u need basic knowledge.

2.) But the slow paced thing, yeah you might be right with what you said. I really shouldve even said that because these set of tutorials are actually a lot faster than ur previous ones : ) These new tutorials really get to the point quicker which is great.

3.) Yeah ive never even used morphing before or tried to learn it yet. I know a few scenes it could save me some drawing time. Plus no one’s talking about it much, nows your chance to stand out again and make a tutorial on something no one talks about: )

A simple head turn would be great. Like a simple smilely face or anything since you are taking request : )

Anyway really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to help others man. If you do get your hands on Animate Pro 2, really all you got thats different enough for teaching are the extra efx for the most part. But having Animate Pro 2 to play with would be pretty cool for you for sure : ) Lilli even make a new forum bucket thanks to your tutorials, nice : D

Well yeah no knowledge. But limited. I pretty much assume everyone has watched the kickstart videos (since that should be the first thing anybody does when they buy animate). So my version of no knowledge is watched the kickstart vids.

“Show me an example of what I can fully accomplish by watching the tutorial in otherwords” ← that is coming. I will do rain and/or snow on the hill scene. I needed to do this first because you need to understand how to use the tool before discussing techinques with it. Now you understand how the tool works I can spend the rain tutorial talking about applying the tool instead of learning if you can see what I am getting at. I don’t just want to open a rain scene and go “and this is what you can do”. That really annoys me when I am trying to learn. I want to actually do, so only things done on screen count.

I wasn’t defending myself. I am totally open to feedback, hell I asked for it :slight_smile: I was just trying to understand, plus if other people agree with then I will try to modify to best suit learning.

Nobody talks about morphing because it isn’t easy to master, as you can probably tell I have a good grasp of animate but currently I only use the morphing tool for simple things.

cool man, well whatever u come up with next, cant wait to see it

thanks :slight_smile:

for a head turn do you want

a) the head drawn from scratch


b) me to import sketches and draw based on that


I am personally thinking a) but I have seen a bit of talk about b) and wondered if you would prefer that method?

Hello The Raider:

Very good job with his tutorial on particles using motion blur. Continue with these tips, which are very useful. Best Regards.