Particles: speed/velocity over age?

Hello! :slight_smile:

I know how to change size and colour over age when i’m using particles.
But i can’t find how to make the particles go slower when they are older.

How do i do this?

Thanks in advance!

Which particle are you using?

Any parameter with a Bezier editor can be changed over time.

I would play with the Gravity, Emitter and Velocity nodes.

Which particle??? Do you mean which Action modules? There are no kinds of particles right?

I already tried animating the Velocity node, just like i did when i changed the colour and size over time/age.

With velocity the change doesn’t seem to apply to the age, but to every particle at that time in the timeline…
You know; the Sprite Emitter specifically says “Size over Age” in the Rendering tab…
Velocity doesn’t say something like that.
I also tried all the Velocity Types and animating those… I seem lost. :frowning: I hope i am just missing something.

I made a video demonstrating what the problem is and the kind of effect i want to accomplish.

I meant the preset/templates like rain, confetti, fire, leaves, etc. as sometimes it is easier to customize one of those instead of building everything from scratch,

Gravity, wind friction, size, and kill would be factors “aging” the particles to ultimate death over time.

When a node has an adjustment labeled “age” it is in a one-dimensional context. It takes a combination of factors to properly “age” the way we think of aging.

Okay, well i started which a Basic Particle System, modified it a bit and added a Velocity node and a opacity/size change over age.

But i still don’t quite understand yet what you mean with ‘one-dimensional context’ etc. and how to practically apply that to achieve the effect that i want.

So i made a simple scene here:

I already animated the Alpha and Size over age,
and i would really like to know how to make the smaller/transparant particles to go more slowly as they become smaller/transparant.

I would really really appreciate if you’d show me how i could achieve this.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

One-dimensional, for example a particle lives for 26 frames then dies might have a parameter called “age” where the 26 would be entered (hypothetical). It does not include other characteristics of age like shrinking or fading or slowing. It just specifies the number of frames it lives. The other characteristics require separate nodes.

I will take a look at your scene file tonight. It is 2:50am here. I do not yet know what your file contains but I have downloaded it. I will use it or I will see if I can put a system together that ages nicely if I have time.

EDIT: Friday 9/22/17 I have not had time but I hope to follow though this weekend.
EDIT: Sunday 9/24/17 I spent some time this evening and nothing behaved as I expected. I read more and tried other things and those didn’t act like I expected them to either. I have not abandoned this. I want to know! TBC

Allright, thanks for trying and nice you want to know too. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope we can find out.

I know this is two years old, but in case anyone else searches this thread. You use wind friction and adjust the x,y,z to stay between 0 and 1.