Particle system question

Ok so i know you have to use Motion Blur in Animate Pro 2 to make a particle system but how do you achieve this? or do i have to composite in After Effects and use Particular? Can some one help plz?and can i attch the particle system to an object Like fairy dust etc.?

The way that they do Particles in Animate/Animate Pro is very, very limited and really isn’t comparable to a conventional particle system.

If you are on a Mac I would suggest giving Apple’s Motion a try. For $50 it has a very nice particle system and you can composite your scenes together and it is fast and works in realtime, taking advantage of your computer’s GPU (graphics card). Much cheaper than buying After Effects and Particular.

If on a PC I can’t help you there, perhaps others will come forward with suggestions?


It is somewhat limited but nice little feature. It isn’t a full blown particle system.

Check out the early video from my channel on how to use that.

If you want to do full particles, then you need to have Harmony Standalone. Animate Pro does not have this feature.