Particle Effects

Simple question: how can I limit a Particle Effect in Harmony lets say from frame 60 to 120 rather playing it throughout the wohle scene?

Depends on the effect. Remember that you have a particle generator (trigger) and also the time of life for the particles themselves.

It can sometimes be simpler to move the object offscreen or to hide it rather than trying to time the effect precisely between a range of frames. If you do wish to precisely control the effect you need to start by looking inside the particle effect’s “emitter” module first.

If you want to animate the particles emitting from a source, like say a burst of sparks coming out of a gun, then you want to animate the Trigger over time.

In the Emitter, you have the Trigger, which can be set to 0 or 1. When it’s set to 1, then particles are emitted, when it’s set to 0, then no particles are emitted. So simply animate this value over time.


someone help me I then appears horizontal speed lines, the effect I get blank


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