Particle effects can't be seen after rendering?!

Ok! So i have this problem. I open a new scene and in Node View i put ‘‘Fire’’ from ‘Particle Examples’ and connect it to ‘Composite’. You can see the screenshot in attachment.
For those who can’t open it, it goes like this:
Peg Fire — Fire — Composite_1 — Composite — Write
Colour-Card–/ – Display
I didn’t change anything. Just deleted starting drawing, put fire example node from library and connected it do composite.

Now when i go to camera view everything works fine, and when i scroll frames the fire is animated. When i go to render view, everything is fine too. When i click ‘‘render and play’’, everything is fine as well.
The problem is this. When i export to .SWF and then convert it to .mp4 - my fire can’t be seen. Not only this fire particle, but any particle whatsoever. It’s like it didn’t render particles at all.
Does anyone know what the fix is?

Since SWF is a vector format not all effects are supported. More info here:

Luis Canau