Parents and children bones in harmony 11

Good evening, I’m doing the following rigging, but I can not get to assign the bones of the parts of the character to a bone of control.
ie pretend to have a bone bones father and several children, continue rotation and movement. Thank you very much for your time
Capture video link.

looking in the window of motion modules, there is Ortholock module, which allows the rotations and movements of the bones others.

You should try to use a deformation for each drawing. That is, one main deformation for the body, other for any other elements that you would need to deform. You probably don’t want to deform the eyes and the beak, for instance, but if you do, you should have them in its own deformation group, one for each drawing, outside the deformation group for the body.

Then you will connect your deformation-cuerpo to the other elements - with or without deformation - directly from the regular output or if there is unwanted deformation, through a ‘kinematic output’ - an output port that allows a parent-children relation without deforming the children (you can create a kinematic output clicking on the icon on the left of ‘copy resting position to current’).

Hello lcanau indeed you’re absolutely right, just handle these objects in place for this by testing for relatedness.
Already achieved that different bone continue rotation and movements of the bone with the Ortholock module. Thanks for your time and good advice.