parenting our bone tools with our drawing

Guys, I’m having a hard time finding this in the manual that comes with studio. And that is parenting my bones to my drawing.

I’ve drawn out my character…laid the bones on top of it. But when I move the bones…the character doesn’t move along with it? Is there a step I’m missing?

Don’t know if you have solved this issue yet or not. I downloaded the trial last night and was having the same problem for an hour or so. The bones are made to not move the drawing if you’re in setup mode. Over in the bone tools are on the left (bone tools being grouped together) the bottom bone tool should say “connect character setup mode.” Make sure this if OFF or else your drawing will not move with the bones. After that make sure the view is set to camera by pushing the camera view button (it’s at the top right just to the left of the color palette tab). Then to move the bones and the drawing component, click bone manipulator back over in the bones tab (it’s the top one). That’s worked consistently for me so far.

Underneath your bone element should be a skin group, drop the body part image onto the skin group.

For more complete resources/example check here:

Have a look at the Tips & Tricks section, it may help