Parenting other pegs to bone deformers

I Just got the trial of harmony 12 and my hope is to complete at least one fully fledged rig before it expires. I was wondering if there is a way to parent other parts of a rig to a deformer (ideally just the last bone of the deformer) so that they will follow it but not deform, just change the general location and rotation.

For my example my character has a body that I want to have a bone deformer for more natural body movment, however the whole head peg is on more of a solid hierarchy rig with hair, skull and a face etc. I want to make it so when the character bends her body, the head (and arms) follow it as well.

I can kind of get it to work however I have a couple of rig breaking problems:

-the head can be deformed by the deformer as well.
-The peg for the head doesn’t seem to keep it’s pivot in it’s reliative position which means that I cant rotate the head as well.

I’m sure there is some solution, but I can’t figure it out, If anyone knows a solution or workaround it would help out a lot.

Thanks in advance!

Connect your Head with a “Kinematic Output” Node.
That will make sure the Head won’t be distorted.
If you like, here is a short video demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and straight-forward)

that was easy! just what I needed, thanks!