Parenting Multiple Envelope Deformer Curves to Specific Bone Deformer Points

I’m trying to animate a creature with wings similar to a bat, I have bone deformers for the limbs of the wing and an envelope deformer around the fleshy part of the wing. I’m able to parent the envelope as a whole to the first bone so they move nicely together, but that isn’t the case for the rest of the limb and those points on the envelope have to be placed by hand. When this is done by hand the envelope deformer transforms to its new position slower than the bone deformers move the limbs, creating a gap which requires more hand placed keys and more time.

I figured it would be easiest and most efficient to parent specific curves of the fleshy wing part to specific bones on the limbs so they move together at the same rate but I haven’t had any success with this. I’ve tried multipoint constraints but moving one point affects the whole shape and repositions already placed pivot points, I tried messing in node view using a series of composites and multiport in connections and anything else I can think of won’t work or isn’t possible in Harmony even though I figured it would.

Is there a way to parent several curves from an envelope deformer to specific bones on a standard bone deformer? Is there an easier way to do this and am I overthinking it?