Parenting body parts and pivot point problem

Hi, I’ve imported my body parts in png format, I try to parent them but the body part moves and goes smaller, also when i animate the body part the pivot point doesn’t stay in one place so the body part moves about. help please. i’m new to toon boom also.

Be sure to read these tutorials in this series Building, Rigging and Animating A Cut-Out Character

Here are some useful tips:
Before you try to rig your character’s pivot points in Scene View be sure to scale and layout your character in Drawing view. Your character’s basic rigging pose needs to be visually established in drawing view prior to doing any rigging . This will significantly reduce rigging and animating issues later.

Also never change the green rotational pivot point of any elements in your rig after you begin keyframing. You initial set the green rotational pivot points using the Scene Ops rotation tool as part of rigging before you do any animating. If you have a need to temporarily change a pivot point during animating only use the blue temporary pivot point provided with the Scene Ops Transform tool.

Be super careful that you don’t choose the Scene Ops Select tool when you are trying to keyframe animate a character. You want to do all keyframe animating using the Scene Ops Transform tool. If you mistakenly choose the Select tool you will alter your rig and totally trash your previous animation work and settings. The Select tool should only be used for scene set-up position of your character prior to any keyframing and then not used after that. This is a common cause of what seems to be the erratic movement of pivot points and body parts in a cut-out. -JK

Thanks very much, I will try again and see what happens,