Parenting Bitmap Issues

Hey All,
Working on a project where I have a puppet imported from Photoshop. Each time I try to parent a layer, like a hand, the hand shrinks in size to about 10%
Here is a quick Jing video of the issue:

I’m open for any suggestions

Thanks Tony

Got this back from Toon Boom support, and thought I would share:

Hello Tony,

Thanks for the Jing video. It really helps to get to the point !

The difficulty you are experiencing is related to the way TBS manage bitmap imports.
Every layer is imported full screen and then, it gets scaled down and translated in place.

Of course, if the hand was shrinked by a factor on 90% and the forearm by a factor of, let’s say, 78%, when you try to put the hand as a child of the forearm, the scaling factor of the forearm will be apply to the hand in addition of the hand’s scaling factor.
This is why the hand become super tiny…

The workaround is to put a peg on top of each elements and parent the pegs, not the elements themselves.

The ideal workflow would be to draw everything in TBS.

I hope this helps.
Please, let me know.

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Francois Grossin