panning the camera

hey guys, so basically im a full out nub, and im animating this project for school which is due monday, and i am trying to pan down with the camera, but i am so confused with how. witht eh pegs and camera and all that, i went into the toon boom tutorial when pressin F1, but im still so confused, all i want to do is pan the camera to the left to this charector, then pan down to another charector, then zoom out, thats what i want to do. So please, can someone explain to me how, in simple words, thx again!

Create a camera or use the default one / in the Properties change to Dynamic /
in the timeline you’ll see the extended timeline to 10 frames.

If you like control-click the timeline and change the duration to the length you need.

Select your camera (your view will change to red) and the Select-Tool (6)
and move your time-marker to the keyframe you like and either drag directly
with the cursor in the Editor-View for panning, or move the little black marker
at the bottom of the camera-view left or right for zooming.

Repeat this at any keyframe you like.

Of course you can attach your camera to a peg and create your panning via the peg.

Please have a look in the Toon Boom Studio V3 User Guide page 320 onwards.