panning bg behind stationary cycle.

Hi ,This is basic but I’m just not figuring it out.

I have a grouped animation cycle of a guy sitting in a car. Behind him we see the BG panning but the car and guy stays locked to camera frame.

I have set up a long pan Bg, inserted a camera on a peg and set up the start and added end point keyframes on the camera peg
The Bg pans beautifully but I cant figure how to attach the guy in a car animation group to the camera so it stay stationary in frame ( locked to camera ) and the Bg pans.
If I try and parent it to the camera peg then the guy in a car group disappears behind the BG art work…

Have I set this up incorrectly…?
Should it be the Bg is panning dynamically behind a stationary guy in a car group , rather than the camera moving in this situation?

thanks for any help

IT’s not clear how you have it set up but usually it’s
the BG that’s panning and the character runs in place.

Don’t parent the character to the camera. Unless you
have put motion keyframes in the character peg it should
already be remaining in place.

All you would use the character peg for in this case is to
resize and place the character in the correct position within
the scene. If I have misunderstood something let me know
(it wouldn’t be the first time).

rkriz solution should be the easiest: pan the background instead-

As for the issue with the camera, I assume there’s a Z value in the camera peg that’s sending the character behind the BG. That should be solved if the camera doesn’t go beyond (and behind) the Z = 0 point (assuming all elements are at the same Z position) or using the Top or Side view and selecting the layer and using the Maintain Size tool (make sure Animate mode is off) to bring the layer closer to the camera until you can see it. This is an issue you have to deal with if you have a layer connected to the camera and the camera moves in the Z axis, pushing the layer behind other layers. You have to put the layer close enough to the camera so that it always stays over the other element ( s ).

Thanks, now resolved this…